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An interesting video, showing the Ukraine forces shelling the terrorist positions with heavy artillery, specifically the 2S5 Giacint-S 152mm SPG. Notice the loading of the SPG from behind, probably not very safe to stand behind it when it’s firing either.


Giacint-S is a Russian (Soviet) 152mm self-propelled gun, developed by Uraltransmash between 1967 and 1974 as a reaction to the insufficient firepower and range of older Russian artillery, used at that time. It was produced between 1976 and 1993. It is equipped with a 152mm L/47 2A37 gun, capable of firing at maximum range of cca 33 kilometers. The vehicle carries 30 rounds As most self-propelled guns, it’s very lightly armored (15mm), it weighs 27,5 tons and is powered by a 520hp V-59 engine, allowing it to go as fast as 62,8 km/h (although operational speed is more around 30 km/h).

Ukraine had a couple after the breakup of the USSR and in 2013, 24 were still in active service. Around 2000 were produced in total.

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