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Hello everyone,

patch 9.4 is coming out on RU server today (in the night) or early tomorrow , so we can expect EU patch this week as well, likely on Wednesday.

– Q: “Why is Wargaming against introducing new matchmaker?” (SS: I think the player means skill MM, unclear) A (SerB): “There already two ‘new matchmakers’. How many more there will be is not known for now. But they will not be designed by players.”
– SU-122-44 will not get preferential MM
– Storm apparently liked the Fury movie
– Storm states that the tank textures will not be in the future in such a resolution as from 9.0 onwards (HD models), but the resolution will be higher than pre-9.0
– according to Storm, the HD models from 9.2 onwards are of higher quality than the War Thunder ones
– Storm, when asked, where exactly is the “sufficient armor” of the Lowe: “Gun mantlet.”

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