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The option of T-34-85M actually NOT being the EU Christmas marathon tank rose once again, as Ectar made a snide remark of me “starting being known for posting false info” (referring specifically to the Insider articles), thus it’s completely possible the list of December missions was (unlike last months) loaded with placeholders in case of a leak. We’ll just have to see. But then, leaks never came with a guarantee, it is what it is.

Just to be sure, let me just explain you how this works real quick, so there is no misunderstanding. The Insider has access to developer conversations. It’s thus completely possible that he gets the wrong idea from some conversations, or connects the dots incorrectly (the female crews info turned out to be right, but were first thought to be a part of the recruit program and not the individual missions). Unless it’s an official statement by WG RU people (Storm, SerB, Evilly and others) or a supertest leak (those are so common now they are hardly leaks at all), there’s always a chance that the info is wrong or mixed. Even though I do my best to verify stuff from other sources, you’d be surprised of how much I did not post because it was simply unverifiable – a borderline example would be the recent Insider post, but since that particular insider was not the only source I heard the same piece of information from, I decided to leave that part of the Insider post there. On the other hand, you have WG staff claiming the opposite, so in the end, it’s only a choice of who you believe, nothing more).

I sort of hoped I wouldn’t need to explain all this again, but… okay. I think most of you guys understood even before this post, but just to be sure.

Now, to news.

Just in case you missed it – 9.5 common test comes tomorrow.

– SerB states he cannot comment on the company monetary policy of tying the prices to USD (SS: a player was complaining about price increases on RU server, caused by sharp ruble drop compared to USD)
– SerB states that the three caliber rule is not a myth, it works
– T37 hitpoints are given by “complex of characteristics” (a balance parameter)
– more lowtier Soviet tanks are not planned for now, it’s possible some will be released as some sort of reward/event tank

– Storm states that he’s aware that patch 9.5 doesn’t have that much content, but at least there will be some lag and freeze fixes, along with the RAM and GPU memory use fixes, that will come as well
– Havok will not come in 9.5, the deadlines have been missed
– Storm consider FPS drops in the game more serious than average FPS in general, that’s why they focused on those in 9.5
– the FV215b 183 changes consist of mobility nerf, but turret armor buff
– there will not be any compensation for the FV215b 183 changes
– the minimap in 9.5 KTTS video looks odd, because the video was made “using the old version”
– the new minimap has higher performance than its XVM equivalent, makes the FPS drop only a little, although Storm notes that for final result a test on many PC’s is needed
– the tank names on minimap (size-wise) will be “XVM standard” (SS: I don’t use that, so I can’t tell)
– the changes on Mountain Pass are apparently, mild: “a bush was removed for example”
– apparently, world-wide Blitz release will be tomorrow
– T-34-85M will be sold in shop on RU server
– regarding the Individual Missions, Evilly specifically confirms that the ending of first season does not mean the missions will no longer be available, it just means that another set of missions will activate in addition to the first one
– Storm confirms: STA-2 will not have limited MM
– apparently, Scorpion will arrive in the game not in 9.5, but “later”
– IM’s will most likely appear on 9.5 test, but in simplified form
– the “flattening” of maps concerns small terrain irregularities, that do not influence gameplay, but make the driving and aiming worse (SS: isn’t that a contradiction?)
– IM’s will be published in a special article, soon
– Sixth Sense rework (tied to radioman) will come in “one of the upcoming patches”
– apparently, the Firefly tracks (just like the Fury ones) are inverted (the grousers should be opposite), this will be fixed
– 9.5 will not bring the FV4202 switch or the Chieftain

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