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– all shells of the same type have the same normalization (there is no individual normalization for specific shells)
– on test server, WZ-111 (the Christmas marathon premium) has a different icon, it’s possible this was changed due to the fact that there were some issues with the old one
– for now, chromatic aberration effect is not planned for WoT
– someone asked me about the (incorrect) Portugal flag in the game (according to this thread) – passed it on to Storm, his answer was that it will be investigated
– TD viewrange nerf will not be compensated by any buffs for now, WG will watch the statistics though
– equipment from the tanks with nerfed viewrange will not be removed for free
– T95 model in test 3 should be correct
– Storm confirms that WG is not considering banning (not allowing) trollplatoons
– spotting system overhaul will come in “medium future” (SS: usually 3-6 months)
– it’s not yet sure (decided) how will the FV4202 replacement differ gameplay-wise from current tier 10 FV4202
– regarding the concern that STA-2 premium tank will be unplayable with full MM: “we’ll watch the statistics” (SS: am I the only one who has a problem with this? So they will knowingly sell something where they are not sure of the quality of the product – in this case, whether it’s properly balanced – and then they will watch the statistics instead of making sure it IS balanced in the first place?)

Edit: please guys, don’t send me links to the “we all hate SS” Wotlabs thread, I already had a good laugh about it :) Glad to see there are some reasonable people on Wotlabs too though. Oh, that Patreon thing? Didn’t work… :)

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