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3.4 Preview: Storage and Items
2016-11-22 16:00:00 / Update Notes

The upcoming game update has a wealth of surprises in store, including new features and some intriguing novelties. Let’s take, for instance, the button in the upper-left corner of the Garage screen—Storage.

This is where all your items—from certificates for game property to collection goods used in sales and events—will be stored, starting with Update 3.4. New items can be exchanged for other items, used as necessary, and, of course, stored.

First Items

In Update 3.4, you can fill up your Storage with these items:

 Commendation Lists worth 100 gold or 1/9/24 hours of Premium Account time. Complete missions to receive Commendation Lists.  Collect 20 Commendation Lists of one type and exchange them for a certificate worth 100 gold or 1/9/24 hours of Premium Account time.  Use your certificate to receive a reward right away or keep it in Storage and use it whenever needed.

From now on, you can receive Commendation Lists, exchange them for certificates, and, say, enable Premium Account time whenever you want. In future, we plan to add more great items to the game and develop connections between different items.

Four Certificates as a Gift!

We want you to test the new feature as soon as possible, so we’re giving you a bonus in Update 3.4. Your Storage will contain four certificates: three of them can be exchanged for one hour of Premium Account time each, and one more—for nine hours. Use them wisely!


Introducing new trophies requires changes to mission descriptions. In Update 3.4, we added Commendation Lists to mission rewards.

Gold or Premium Account time will not be awarded for completing missions anymore. Instead, players will receive 4 Commendation Lists in addition to experience or credits for completing these missions! Commendation Lists will also be awarded for completing other missions with simpler conditions. As a result, it will become even easier to get gold or Premium Account time.

Note: if you obtained a mission with gold or Premium Account time as a reward, hurry to complete it before the update releases. In Update 3.4, rewards for these tasks will change.

What About Equipment?

Initially, equipment and resources resupplied after battle were applied to each tank individually and could not be remounted on another tank. The majority of in-game mechanics, including special offers, clan Supply discounts, or dependence of the cost on the vehicle tier, are based on the same principle. This means that everything relating to tank maintenance (ammunition, provisions, camouflage, equipment, and consumables) remains unchanged. These resources cannot be transferred to Storage.

Check back tomorrow to learn about more new features from Update 3.4!

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