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Just to make it absolutely clear, because it seems that some people misunderstood the post yesterday: HD models (high polygon) are not getting scrapped, only the highest resolution textures are.

– the fact that there is a chance for the Churchill GC to be moved to tier 5 doesn’t mean the same situation applies for ARL 40, because the situation with it is more complicated due to the fact it’s the only vehicle on tier 6 for France
– Q: “How come WT E-100 killed me with my FV4202 in close combat, shouldn’t MT own TD at close range?” A: “It would seem so.”
– Q: “Why don’t you make maps with different side sizes, like 1,2*1,4 instead of just 1,2*1,2? Is there some sort of game or design limitation preventing you from doing that?” A: “No. We simply didn’t get to do that.”

– so far there is no exact plan to change the situation of “medal spam” of easy-to-get medals in battles (specifically the way they are displayed)
– Japanese heavies in 2015? “Well, I can’t talk about that :)”
– Storm explains the thing from yesterday with HD models: “We didn’t decide to remove HD models. You’ll get them all. It’s simply that the textures will only be “cool” instead of “super cool”. It will still be much better than the current vehicles, that weren’t reworked to HD yet.”
– Storm states that the HD texture resolution was scrapped because from normal game distance of 3-4 meters, the difference between HD and somewhat lower resolution is very small
– Storm also adds that internally, they will make the textures in HD resolution, they just won’t distribute them and that if in two years the GPU situation allows it, they will re-introduce HD textures. He adds as well that with the HD they planned, even SSD owners would have lags, because there is a problem with transfer of data from RAM to GPU memory and vice versa
– apparently, it will not be possible to test the new upcoming premiums (T55A, T28 etc.) on common test by players in 9.5
– Russian players are apparently not happy that even in Russia, the prices in the gift shop are tied to USD and not rubles, making WG products more and more expensive for RU players as the ruble exchange rate sinks due to the geopolitical situation
– no plans to buff the Lowe

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