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Good morning beautiful creatures and falmers,

there is a new Dev answers for you:

– Average lifespan of a tank in random battle is 4 minutes
– Crew system overhaul in 2016? “I can’t say. Let me repeat: we won’t give you any ETA.”
– There were rumours on the Russian server that SerB and Slava Makarov will return to work on World of Tanks, this is however false
– Storm believes that fixing maps based on the amount of negative feedback the map gets is “very laughable”
– No plans to buff T95E6
– Storm cannot say what measures were taken after the massive Rubikon fail
– The fact platoon members can’t see each other’s damaged modules is a bug
– Current map makers won’t be fired in 2016
– The plans for 2016 are “huge, no joke”, many of the old issues will be fixed
– No plans to buff Object 268 anytime soon
– Arty rebalance: when it’s done it’s done
– Storm (or other developers) have nothing to do with the planning of various events (such as marathons)
– 50 vs 50 battles? “I can’t answer due to NDA”
– Freezes and lags in battle? “We are actively working on that”
– The lack of unlockable modules on tier 1 Czech tank is intentional, the developers will have a look at the statistics and maybe will introduce the same to all other tier 1s
– The fact the same gun (M41) has different penetration on M48A1, T95E2 and 59-Patton is intentional and won’t be fixed
– Storm doesn’t have any information about alleged massive crashes of 9.13
– Q: “Storm, can you tell me what you are doing exactly?” A: “Nobody knows exactly”
– Q: “Why doesn’t the chief tank balance developer talk more to the community?” A: “Unlike me he works a lot”
– Currently the damage blocked by armor is not rewarded so that the existing level of XP grind is kept – If the developers are to introduce XP for tanking, other XP income sources will have to be nerfed (this will happen “when it’s done”)
– Developer are working on the issue where on poor computers the game freezes for a bit whenever a new enemy is spotted
– The rumour that the multicore support is already ready is a fake
– The rumour that Jagdpanzer E50 will be introduced is also a fake
– New WoT engine will come with a new name? “Can’t say for now”
– Storm states he never promised that by the end of 2015 the client would be completely reworked – he said that he hopes that would happen. The developers are working on it and in updates 9.10 to 9.12 more than half of the job was done.

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