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– Japanese heavies being penetrated frontally by T49 gold ammo a problem? A: “What are you smoking!”
– Q: “Why smoking?” A: “Because you are considering a problem for a heavy to be penetrated by a gold ammo a problem. I never played the T49 but its gold shell is penetrating the E-100 and IS-7 front just as well”
– Japanese HT stats won’t change anymore until the 9.10 is released
– Storm confirms: “Province” was officially removed, forever
– Storm did not participate in the decision to remove Province
– Q: “Why did you remove Malinovka and Karelia from lowest tiers? They were ideal for lower tiers.” A: “More like ideal for pedobearing”
– the maps that were removed including Province were removed based on their statistics
– Storm states that when it comes to pedobearing, many, MANY new players left the game because they were trashed by pedobears. Storm identifies this entry threshold as a major issue of World of Tanks.
– current World of Tanks doesn’t have less new players than it had years several years ago
– WoT is using more than one core already
– WoT supporting Dx12 in the future? “No promises”
– WoT Tweaker officially in the game? “We discussed it and decided it’s not needed. All the major effects can be disabled as it is and the remaining that can’t are influencing the performancy only a little bit (we made series of tests on really bad computers”
– Foch 155 won’t be rebalanced (nerfed) for now
– E-75 in HD? “Not in next 2 patches”
– Storm admits he made a mistake in one of the comments – he forgot WG implemented the pedobear/newbie MM separation
– Q: “I was chatbanned for calling one imbecile and imbecile!” A: “Are you a doctor (so you can state diagnosis)?”
– Q: “Riga, why?” A: “So I know where to be extra careful. If I ever break a leg there, you’ll start swearing at me and slap me as a bonus”
– Q: “Storm, what can you say about the fact that the vehicles won in marathons are now compensated in crdits and not gold.” A: “No comment. Discussion blocked.” There is a LOT of whining on this topic. From further discussion, it is clear that Storm is not happy with the change: “I today relayed your opinion – and mine – to those who are responsible for it. Let’s see what they do with that.”
– the E-25 marathon compensation will be in credits + slot (slot is new)

PS: KV-1 in HD

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