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On Russian server, for October, 18101 players were allegedly punished based on the report system, 3748 participants in rigged battles were punished as well and 2882 botters were banned. That’s a nice “harvest” for October.

– apparently, Lowe armor is fine (won’t be buffed)
– by the end of third campaign, M60, VK7201 and Object 907 will not be ready in HD
– the HD model for IS-3 will be IS-3 Model 1945, not the modernized version (IS-3M)
– developers are working on new engine sounds
– after the ramming changes of 9.4, the cases where tanks just bump to one another and one of them rapidly loses 1 hitpoint should be considerably less common
– the exact ramming damage mechanism will not be disclosed
– armor deformation (holes from ramming) will not come anytime soon
– the option to pick your setup for team battle based on the map you get is planned, no ETA currently
– it cannot be generally said that in the new 9.4 ramming system ramming damage will increase – what will increase is the difference between damage done by ramming heavily armored and lightly armored spots
– the influence of tank weight on ramming in 9.4 will not change, the same goes for spaced armor
– when it comes to team damage punishment in collisions, the tank that goes faster is guilty

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