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Hello everyone,

Russians had a special stream with CW developers, dedicated to 3rd CW campaign and Maiorboltach was kind enough to provide us with a transcript. The guest developers were Aleksei “Inaki” Ilyin and Aleksei “Orc” Plotnikov.

I am not sure which of these points were already published on EU server or which of these points apply to RU version only, should be the same however.

– apparently the third campaign will take about a month, on 25.12. the results should be already known
– in the campaign, you can choose one of three rewards: VK7201, M60 or Object 907 (when the campaign ends, the winners will get a link to a page, where they can get one of those tanks). There will be three days to choose, if the player doesn’t choose within these three days, he will automatically get the Object 907
– if you already have that tank, you cannot get it again (presence in the hangar counts, not the fact it’s in your statistics), you will NOT get a gold compensation
– apart from the medals and tanks, the winners will also get a unique summer camouflage for one tank in your garage of your choice

– 3rd campaign is the first time unique clan content (camo, inscriptions, emblems) is introduced as rewards – WG will collect feedback on this and work on the mechanism. WG does think about future clan reward camos, that would be more visible than the regular ones, for example a digital camouflage, much brighter than the usual one, more detailed than the current one in the Chinese branch
– T95E6 is also a “clan” tank, it will be awarded for clan activity (no details for now)
– the three stages of the campaign will not be tied to one another
– between the CW stages, there will be a CW map reset
– tanks will not be awarded to non-active accounts, that did not participate in the campaign
– in 3rd campaign, the Fame Points will be awarded during the next “turn” after finishing the quest (mission, task), not the last day as it was in the previous campaigns
– if clans or players accumulate identical number of points, then the amount of players/clans rewarded will be increased by one to reward both participants
– 3rd campaign scrapped the victory points, clans will also get fame points (sum of all fame points of players + some coefficients). If a player leaves for another clan, he doesn’t lose the personal fame points, but the clan fame points will remain with the old clan
– all the tanks, posted above, are strictly clan exclusive, it will NOT be possible to buy them or get them in solo missions. At this moment, there are no plans to use them in any future clan activities. The only tank currently planned for future clan activities is the T95E6, for 2015 new tanks are being developed
– individual missions will have 4 reward tanks (including a tier 10 one), they are currently being tested
– tier 7 and 9 tanks are not used in the campaign, because they are not used for the SH and TB mode either. Plus, grinding tier 7 and 9 tanks would negatively affect the preparation of players for 3rd campaign, considering the large numbers of tier 6 and 8 tanks
– there will most likely be a 4th Campaign as well, but it does not have priority now
– the priority (in the CW department) is now set to CW 2.0, which will be introduced in 2015
– in the first 3C stage, the fame points coefficient will be 1,5, because tier 6 tanks recieves much less XP than tier 8 and 10 tanks
– there will be no class/type hardcap for 3C, the only limit is the tier
– the prize pool was heavily influenced by second campaign and the number of prizes was set so the players would have to fight even harder for it
– noone can remove your fame points from you
– the next CW event after 3C will already be in CW 2.0


– SH consumables will come very soon (in next SH update), new areas (SS: directions? I don’t keep up with the terminology in English) will be added
– these will be tied to buildings, you will have to prepare reserves and the amount of reserves is tied to the amount of uses of these consumables

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