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– World of Tanks models will not have cloth anti-dust covers on the guns (the way War Thunder models have for example)
– it’s not certain that Panther 88 (SS: and thus patch 9.5) will appear until New Year, but Wargaming “will try”
– 9.4 causing mods to stop working again? “Try playing on a clean client. You will get fewer issues :)” (SS: according to Russian feedback, a LOT of mods stopped working again)
– official 9.5 info will be available around the time when 9.5 hits the open test
– 9.5 Firefly branch will “start with medium tanks and then turn into TD’s” (SS: actually, that’s technically wrong, it will start with light tanks – M2A4 and Honey)
– the bug, where when you played a Stronghold battle and it didn’t count towards statistics was fixed
– in 9.5, the Chaffee Sport crew gets automatically retrained to regular Chaffee (not in RU patchnotes apparently)

– according to WG statistics, in last patches, the game performance (FPS) was increasing for players, it should be the same in 9.4
– Stalingrad will not be added to CW anytime soon
– developers are still working on motion physics
– the 7/54 format for team battles was chosen based on player feedback
– Sixth Sense will be reworked in one of the upcoming patches
– 9.4 is 655 megs large
– individual missions? “When it’s done it’s done” (SS: 9.5)
– it’s not true that every tier 10 battle ends with credit loss, some end with small gain (with premium account and while winning)
– artillery accuracy was not nerfed in 9.4
– E-25 is apparently fine, when it comes to its characteristics – it’s worse than regular vehicles of the same tier
– Wargaming has many HD models almost ready, they just need a bit tweaking
– there will be no HD pack with ultra highres textures for 9.4 (or ever again)
– the reference (invite) system is still being tested, it won’t come with 9.4
– 9.4 will not bring the gun sounds from 9.4 test 1 and 2, they were withdrawn for rework
– the artillery fire support effect (before the missionj starts) was also removed from the final patch 9.4, it will be reworked
– the T-54 Light camo factor was actually buffed in 9.4, it will become less visible

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