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– the bug where you could not activate the consumables on the test 3 was fixed already
– there will not be a HD E-100 in 9.6. In test 3, it was removed and switched back to SD version, as the developers will not be able manage to fix all the mistakes of the model until the release
– there is an issue in individual missions – if an IM requires you to capture base, you do but in the time between full capture and battle end, the last enemy vehicle gets destroyed, the battle will not count for the capture mission. This is apparently not a bug and it’s possible that “explaining text will be added” to the missions in the future
– Naydin medal is bugged atm, it will be fixed in 9.6
– according to the developers, the fact that FCM 36 with PAK 40 TD (also known as Marder I, German conversion) is in the French tree and not in the German one is historical: after the Normandy landings, captured obsolete French tanks converted by the Germans to TD’s were transferred to the Free French troops, who then used them in combat
– it’s possible that the game will offer the opportunity in the future to log into the game using your social network account. The security concerns of such a solution will however be addressed first.
– drowning yourself (suicide) before the battle is over is considered “unsportsmanlike behavior” and should be reported as such
– players complain about not completing individual missions even though they should have – many of those complaints are based on the fact that these players are using obsolete mods, that make the game show incorrect mission conditions, so be sure to check your mods, whether they are up to date – or remove them

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