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An information was leaked on RU sites that 9.7 common test should start tomorrow. Tried to verify it – supertest was planned for tomorrow, but the Russian staff is saying that the test will start “soon”, so who knows? Will try to confirm that.

– according to the Insider, the T-34/85 “Rudy” was never intended for the Polish branch in World of Tanks, but as a Soviet vehicle, “Fury” style. Its current estimated price is cca 24 USD
– according to WG RU developers, T-34/85 “Rudy” and Cromwell Berlin are premiums “in a sense” (SS: what this means is that while Rudy will be sold almost certainly the way Fury was, the Berlin tanks will likely not)
– Q: “Will T-34/85 Rudy come with a dog?” A: “Time will tell :)” (SS: yes, the Szaryk will be actually a crewmember apparently and no, he won’t get special perks)
– more details on this batch of premiums will be published later
– Krupp-Steyr WT is NOT the WT E-100 replacement (SS: duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh)
– AMX-30 will come in 9.7
– AMX-30 Prototype has 4 crewmembers
– HD Super Pershing model will be reworked, it will most likely not appear in 9.7

And meanwhile in Strongholds… presenting the airstrike consumable. That looks balanced.

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