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– there are some vehicles, that still need nerfing, the developers however were busy with other things
– no plans for the KV-5 radioman miniturret for now (too early to talk about the Sixth Sense rework)
– Panther 88mm did really well when tested in CT 9.4
– Storm agrees that the Stalingrad minimap is not very representative, it needs to be fixed
– currently, the feedback on Russian server is that the clans are starting to set their Stronghold attack time to 3-4AM, when the chance of being attacked is very low. Developers will consider what to do to remedy this.
– the bug with tiny minimap icons was not fixed, developers didn’t manage to do it on time, the problem is however considered insignificant
– 9.5 will be bigger (more important) than 9.4

– Storm confirms that the HD textures were scrapped
– mission interface will not be completely overhauled, there will just be some fixes
– UI button highlight graphics will not be changed (SS: some player requested the mouseover highlight to be reworked for some reason)
– the increased chance of map appearing in random battles (in this case Stalingrad) was applied only on test server, not on live server
– apparently, some players are suggesting that the SU-76I is imbalanced (too good), Storm disagrees
– Q: “Your leaving punishment system sucks, I will continue to leave battles!” A: “Good luck”
– one of the German camouflage schemes (the orange/yellow one) got recolored, apparently it was not intentional
– old team battle format (7/42) will not return
– the “player invite” (referral system) will be implemented by a micropatch, no current ETA
– SU-122-44 will NOT be buffed and will NOT recieve limited MM
– customization of tanks (specifically, optional gun mantlet cloth cover) will apparently not be implemented

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