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– M6A2E1 not being historical (electric transmission, hull IRL was 66mm thick, more armor around tracks)? “Give me links to historical documents and not to forum posts.”
– regarding historicity of tanks: “For the tanks that have historical info available we are trying to make historical armor”
– Japanese Tiger will have full MM
– Storm doesn’t know how difficult will the FV4202 replacement mission be
– the size comparison Japanese heavy screenshots from the game are real
– Centurion X sucks? “(How can you know), we changed it already?”
– Mauschen will not replace VK4502 because “current variant turned out to be bad”, developers will think about what to do (there is no consensus on that inside WG)
– Q: “We have nothing to test in 9.9, what are we supposed to test?” A: “Don’t test. Relax. It’s weekend after all.”
– there is a minimap bug with some sort of spotting issues (couldn’t understand the context) but it will be fixed

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