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In case you are interested – here’s an extremely interesting article about the Yom Kippur war (thanks to Brenthos for this one). In fact, the entire blog rocks.

– Storm explaining the HD textures issue once again: “We talked about releasing the textures in a simplified form, which can be seen starting from patch 9.3, because all the HD models are available by default with reduced texture quality. The quality of HD models will stay the way it is now. In short – the quality of upcoming HD models and tank textures will be the way it is now.”
– Q: “Why was SU-76I removed from the shop?” A (SerB): “Because it pwned newbies.” On the same matter, Storm confirms this (with sad “as usual”), he adds that the vehicle was tested properly, but a mistake was made and they are investigating it. Currently however, everyone is preparing for DevCon (SS: developer meeting) and the decision will be taken next week. Oddly enough, Yuri Pasholok in another comment says “told you so”, as in he knew about the imbalanced status of the vehicle.
– the changes in historical battle mode will be “radical”

– Q: “Why does the enemy armor bounce more shots when the enemy is low health? I tested that in hundreds of battles.” A (SerB): “That’s paranoia. And about that testing in hundreds of battles you are lying.”
– apparently there is a tutorial bug in 9.4 as well, it will be fixed (SS: no details, it’s possible this is RU-specific)
– the 9.4 bush bug (bushes “flicker” in sniper mode) will be fixed in the following patch
– the Object 260 WILL be an individual mission reward in 9.5 (SS: earlier the question was posted oddly and I did misread it, sorry)
– the “clone” maps (Himmelsdorf/Winter Himmelsdorf) have each one half of the probability to get them in random battles
– multiple players report “double click” bug (SS: not quite sure what that is), it’s apparently related to XVM
– various modes for team battles (7/32, 7/42 etc.) will not be made because it would just spread the playerbase too thin and would result in long queues
– there are currently no plans for changes in how the visual camouflage works
– it’s possible (very vaguely) that the way the improved crew training works will be changed, improving the levelup of the lowest main skill level player instead of the one with least XP (SS: as in, when you have a 60 percent retrained guy with 3 perks and a 100 percent retrained guy with 1 perk, currently the 100 percent one is selected for faster retraining, while in the future, the 60 percent one would be)
– there is a CW bug on RU server affecting Clanwars – in clan chat window only clan members should access, it allows your opponents to write in it. It’s tied to landings. It is known and it’s possible it will be fixed by a micropatch.
– there is apparently another bug, where you damage the allies by even touching them while driving very slowly, this will be fixed according to Storm
– server aim circle is bugged as well, it too will be fixed – it’s possible it will be hotfixed in fact, but no guarantees

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