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Yes, there was a captured KV-1 in the 9.5 ASAP video (visible at one point in the garage). No, it doesn’t mean it’s going to be implemented soon, or – ever. The captured vehicle models are very old – for years now they existed. AFAIK captured vehicles are not planned anytime soon.

– Storm confirms that render range will be reworked to a circle
– players will have to play even types of vehicles they dont like (4 out of 5 anyway) in the personal missions
– the map Ghost Town was made by the same people as the other (random battles) maps
– no final decision was made yet as to whether the Ghost Town map will appear in random battles or not

– Storm confirms: premium tanks like Panther 88 will not be possible to test during CT from now on, until they are released in the magazine (SS: wow… that’s fair)
– Storm states that while the arguments against including the platoon element into personal missions are all logical, WG still decided to implement it that way for now
– currently, WG is working on 150 HD models, they are in various stages of work. WG is still working on the HD model mass-production process however, testing and teaching the outsourcers.
– apparently, WG has much trouble with the new BigWorld iteration
– 9.6 will be a technical patch, apparently there will be some game changes but no “big thing”
– Japanese STA-2 will definitely be available for sale (AMX-13/57 and AMX CDC – not sure)
– 9.6 will bring new HD models, but not the IS-3
– Storm states that when he saw the list of what will be in 9.6, his mood spoiled
– apparently, WG hired a bunch of engineers with armor knowledge to oversee the model production so there are no mistakes
– Storm states that 9.5 new minimap features don’t need a complete overhaul, just a few tweaks
– IS-7 gun bug (SS: using lowres model on high details) will be fixed in 9.5
– IS-4 in HD will come “relatively soon”, but it will be a different model that was shown in the videos – a better model
– in new 9.5 minimap, the tank names are using the same layer as the icons. Storm states that WG was forced to do it, since doing a separate layer reduced the performance was two times worse

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