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– Storm confirms that the Mäuschen vehicle is historical, it was made based on this drawing
– the replacement of VK4502B with Mauschen will come “soon”
– VK4502 Ausf.B will not be made premium, it will be removed from the game, just like the FV215b (120)
– for now, there are no other replacement plans for the Maus branch
– for now, there are no plans to give Maus an alternative 150mm gun
– accuracy nerf being really bad for inaccurate fast tanks like the T49? “Wait for the aim circle to aim fully and you’ll be fine”
– the only accuracy change was the distribution of shells inside the center of the aim circle, the sigmas were not touched: it does NOT mean the shells will fall to the edges of the circle more often
– the accuracy nerf in 9.6 applies to both arty and premium vehicles
– Q: “The accuracy nerf is really bad for artillery!” A: “Do you often fire snap shots with arties? :)”

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