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Hello everyone,

currently, pretty much anyone important in Wargaming is on a developer meeting on Cyprus for following three days (or is it two now? not sure), so don’t expect a lot of news this weekend. Will try to glean what I can however.

– according to Storm, the SU-76i issue is one time case, there weren’t cases like that before
– SU-76i issue was fixed fast enough “for the fire not to spread”. Later, Storm adds: “Unfortunately, mistakes happen.”
– there is a bug where some vehicles in the hangar “sink” into the ground – Storm knows about it, will be fixed
– it looks like the old “automatical switch of gold shells price from credit to gold” bug is back, Storm will investigate
– developers will investigate an alleged bug causing minimap lags

Oh and there’s one more pretty nasty bug as well, but that demands a separate post, so stay tuned. TBH 9.4 really wasn’t a good patch, when it comes to bugs.

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