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Storm was just collecting feedback on personal missions (can’t get used to that, I’ll call it individual missions, both names are stupid anyway), no answers there, still – I wonder if anything will change based on vox populi.

– Storm states that the infamous radioman miniturret on KV-5 will not be buffed: “if we do that, it will be overpowered when on the top of the team”
– Storm states that they balanced the 9.5 minimap (specifically the brightness of the tank names) around the way it is made in XVM
– improved garage tank filter: “when it’s done it’s done”
– Storm states that the placeholder stats are not even initial balance parameters, more like some numbers “so that it drives around and shoots so we can test the model”
– developers already have normal balanced tank parameters ready, only they released a really old version on the test server
– according to Storm, the patch is TECHNICALLY ready, so it’s possible to test (things other than the tanks)
– Storm states that to reward most active reporters of bugs with gold and stuff is not an option, because it would just get exploited
– the Ghost Town map will be checked for clipping objects (SS: apparently there are great many objects that should be destructable but instead the tank just clips through them)
– Storm confirms that the IM parameters in the test are not final
– IM’s will not be activated (possible to complete) automatically (like achivements)
– IM’s will be rebalanced to assure that enough players can complete them
– M6A2E1 HD model will not come in 9.6, it will be made according to historical parameters
– Storm reacting on players getting angry about the IM’s: “What a massive butthurt you have here! Next time, we will have to specifically screw with various settings to be able to see such stuff again. Missions are not balanced yet.” (SS: the Russian players were quite pissed about these missions, posting some angry reactions including pretty NSFW 18+ stuff)

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