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You might have seen it on forums earlier, but it’s confirmed: the “Sisterhood of Steel” of girl crewmembers is compatible (activates) with BIA (basically, if you replace one crewmember in a BIA crew with a girl with SOS, BIA will activate). It is however possible this will be removed, as it was not intentional.

– Storm will investigate whether the Maus mantlet looks correctly in the game
– it’s not possible to say, how many HD models will appear in 9.7, as a few days ago, they removed some of the HD models from the build, because the patch was too big
– Storm confirms that developers are working on a completely new mode
– T54E2 and AMX 65T in the game? Storm: “I cannot say. Anything can happen :)”
– for now, the E50M will not be replaced (even though it’s a fake), because there are no suitable candidates for replacement
– E-25 to be made bigger (to its historical dimensions) when it gets reworked to HD? “Unfortunately, I cannot tell you anything.” (SS: from “inside sources”, this is actually a very radioactive topic, as it would be a defacto nerf of a very popular premium vehicle)
– T-54 armor change when it was reworked to HD did not reduce its popularity, it was actually increased (related to the pretty new HD model)
– Storm confirms that the Havok situation is complicated, when it comes to destructable buildings. They’ll work on it nonetheless.
– Char 2C model was made in 2012
– alternative hulls will come in distant future

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