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Game Day 7×7 in museums in Moscow and Prokhorovka

Traditional and tournaments Meeting World of Tanks players received new format: Wargaming announces “Game Day 7×7 in museums.” On March 22 specialized computer classes at the same time the two museums will be held a series of battles. We invite players to participate in matches!

In museums Prokhorovka and Moscow will be formed to ten teams of seven people fighting will take place between the teams selected at random. Each match is played 5000 .

Battles take place in gaming mode “Attack / Defense.” Detailed rules of the event was published Offline .

Teams advance leave application to the relevant topic on the official forum of the game. If there is less than 10 applications submitted, the remaining number of teams can be formed in situ from the game came not declared players (even if they were not previously familiar.)

Register at the Central Museum of the Great Patriotic War (Moscow, Victory Park).

Register at the Museum of military glory of the Third Russian inverse field (Prokhorovka, Belgorod region).

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