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Check out the Chieftain’s Hatch article on the Ripper camouflage (written for Xbox WoT)

– A-32 will not get its highpenetration HEAT shells back (SS: IIRC A-32 is RU exclusive)
– Storm states that IS-4 armor (during HD rework) will be somewhat improved
– Evilly states that Xbox WoT doesn’t have the same number of players as the PC version, but WG’s not complaining (SS: in the sense it’s not considered a failure)
– developers confirm, that the Panther 88 and other premium vehicles, intended for the premium shop, will not be possible to test on the test servers in the future (funnily enough, in the same thread a day before, the same developer replied that it will appear in the next iteration of the test, later he changed it to the answer outside the brackets)
– M56 Scorpion is still being balanced
– developers confirm: Individual Missions tanks (StuG IV, T28C, T55A and Object 260) do NOT earn more credits (like premium tanks). They earn “as much credits as regular vehicles”

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