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initiated a review of the tank I was guided by the fact that this machine stands out due to the fact that the only premiumnyh Tank Destroyers 8th level.

Indeed, Jagdtiger 88 very different from their counterparts, but despite it has all the advantages of a premium technology – preferential level fights, the possibility of transplanting crew without penalty and increased profit margins. All this allows the owner of this miracle German tank proudly plow fields favorite game.

Historical Background

Jagdtiger ” full official name Panzerjäger Tiger -German self-propelled artillery (ACS) during World War II, class of tank destroyers. According to German notation departmental military equipment “Jagdtiger” wore index Sd.Kfz.186. “Jagdtiger” was developed during 1942-1944 on the chassis of heavy tank “Tiger II» and became the heaviest armor in mass production model of all time. In the frontal armor plate cutting was established 128-mm rifled gun PaK 44 with a barrel length of 55 calibers. 4 cars from the most recent due to the lack PaK 44 was set in the required number of 88-mm gun Pak 43/3 with a barrel 71 gauge. [1,999,002]
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