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Hello warriors,

on Russian server, the Terms of Use (you know, the thing nobody reads and everyone presses “accept” in every patch) have changed in an interesting way. Specifically, two points were added:

– 12.4.1: In case of a closing of a WG game, Wargaming has to announce it no less than 180 calendar days in advance and has to send a letter on the address of all the users. There are no compensations awarded in connection with the product closure (as in, you won’t get anything back once the game closes)

– 12.4.2: In case a player breaks the Terms of Use or other binding contract with Wargaming (including the terms of use of other WG games than WoT) resulting in access loss to the game, he will receive no compensation for that.

The first point is interesting – perhaps something concerning WoWp?

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