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Oddly enough, there’s nothing much going on on supertest – the reason for it is that the official supertest teamspeak crashed and there’s noone to fix it over the weekend.

Also, Russian players apparently made WoT Blitz work on PC using an emulator. Will look into that further (post “how-to’s” etc.).

– Storm confirms that the theory that low hp tanks bounce more shots is crap
– a player was complaining that (unlike earlier), now the position of mouse cursor, when pressing Escape in battle, isn’t as it was earlier (on the “leave battle” button) and he has to scroll the mouse to get to it. Storm stated that they just didn’t pay attention to it, it’s not intentional.
– on the new HD models, the textures are in the new (higher) resolution, but the textures of visual camouflages remain in the old (low) resolution
– hitting a dead tank with a HE shell (arty) does not generate splash, this is intentional
– the decision to remove ultra HD textures was influenced by the fact that practically noone downloaded the HD pack in 9.3 (0,1 players) by the fact that the difference between the (current HD) regular and ultra HD textures is negligible
– developers are still thinking what to do with the SU-76I, nothing was decided yet
– Mountain Pass map will be investigated, heat maps will be checked (there is a suspicion that one side has an advantage over the other)
– Ruinberg on Fire will be removed from the game
– apparently, there is a minimap bug in 9.4, causing the minimap to display wrong enemy tank positions under certain circumstances (enemy left the render range, his icon got “stuck” on minimap and moved only when the player moved and the enemy tank appeared in render range again), Storm was made aware
– 9.5 will come out this year
– Storm does now know, when (or whether) the number of players in clan will be increased
– no plans to buff or nerf arty
– no comment on supertest leaks (AMX-13/57)
– AMX-30 and its “branch” will not come in 9.6, but later (when it’s done it’s done)
– Storm states that his earlier quote about WG not willing to put more paper project into the game did not mean historical paper projects, only WG made-up ones
– T92 Light Tank is not in plans for 2015
– Storm knows about the M53/M55 armour model bug, will be fixed
– Storm states that he didn’t have any problem with capturing on (playing) the Stalingrad map
– the profitability of Object 416 is not lower or higher than the one of other vehicles of the same tier

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