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Hello Warriors,

like it was said in the Q&A with WG EU, 9.12 is coming this month and according to other sources its coming next Tuesday.

And going off topic,
By the way… how many of you been playing Fallout 4? I may have gotten a tad too immersed last night during my free time.

Relax time after all the scavenging
Besides going heavy in decoration, I’ve connected my whole house to electricity, built a sturdy defence system (even created access to my roof as a watchpost, illuminated sensitive areas and have sentry turrets placed in each corner, not leaving any blind spots for raiders to sneak in), my current settlers are only using -20% of my resources and I’ve opened doors for more people.
Next step will be illuminate the streets of my entire settlement, place a water purifier near the river and start creating trading routes, oh… and equip the settlers with better gear.

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