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Hello gorgeous ones,

9.14 Test Server is planned for, Tomorrow, Friday!
Edit: They decided to postpone after I posted this, what a timing…

For those interested in participate: Download Link. (9.14 should be injected into the server soon)
What you can expect for 9.14:-Supertest Patchnotes
-HD Models:
105 leFH18B2, T1 Heavy Tank & VK 72.01 (k)E-25Chi-Ni, Crusader, VK 30.01 (H)A-20, AMX 50 Foch (155), M44 & Chi-HaT-25, AT 15, Nashorn & Type 5 Ke-HoT28 Prototype, M53/M55, T40 & Type 3 Chi-NuIS-6 G.W. Tiger & Sexton IIT20
-Supertesters only vehicles/HD models
-Supertesters only vehicles/Stats

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