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As mentioned on RU server, the patch is coming tomorrow. Also, check out the stronghold consumable post on official forum.

– Object 244 will not be a tank for free sale, but a special/event tank
– the landscape quality setting in WoT is the same for old and new render when it comes to geometry, with one exception – minimal settings. Minimal settings for old render reduce the landscape quality more than minimal settings on improved render
– Japanese tanks as a whole are doing fine statistically
– “wet ammo stowage” perk introduction (SS: VERY long time ago) was not a reaction and an attempt to fix too often ammo rack explosions in the game
– Q: “Why does adding new perks take so long?” A: “Because it takes long” (SS: yea…. no shit)

– developers will carefully monitor the situation with arty after the 0.9.6 accuracy nerf
– the camo factor of a vehicle is calculated based on its height
– Type 62 and Type 64 are doing fine statistically
– Q: “Were the developers considering an arty nerf before 9.6?” A: “We are always considering something, but it doesn’t always get implemented.”
– Q: “There are trolls, provoking you into shooting them and then they thrive on compensations. What about them?” A: “Don’t shoot them.”
– developers are considering the arty to be “sufficiently accurate”
– introducing a special perk, that would increase your rate of fire would be risky from balance point of view, if the increase was significant
– Q: “Why do subcaliber shells lose penetration over distance so much?” A: “Less weight = more energy loss per distance”
– the exact impact chances within the 10 zones of the aim circle for each sector (SS: “new accuracy” in 9.6) will not be disclosed
– Stalingrad map does not have a higher chance of dropping than other maps
– GW E-100 will not be switched for now
– “Mauschen” is a real tank project, not a fake (SS: completely true)
– with the replacement of VK4502B by Mauschen, the gameplay of the vehicle will not change – it will still be a rear-turret heavily armored vehicle
– player opinions will not influence tank balancing decisions
– when it comes to tank characteristics, some are not shown in the garage on purpose (SS: terrain resistance for example), others will be added (SS: depression)
– the only changes to the garage at this point are dynamic tank parameters (that change with equipment/modules and crew skills) and improved tank selection filters
– Storm confirms that the accuracy in 0.9.6 changed in ALL sectors of the aim circle, not just the center
– regarding the 0.9.6 accuracy nerf, Storm states: “SPG’s don’t have to target miniturrets on the roof. And the “not-pinpoint accuracy” will change by only just a litte”
– AMX CDC has “worse camo than other vehicles”
– Storm states that on maps that have low percentage of their space accessible to tanks (Hidden Village, Sacred Valley), the fact that you can only access small portion of the map is not a problem by itself, as long as they play well. Both of these maps have gameplay issues and it’s not due to the low percentage of accessible terrain.
– for now, WG has not changed their minds about not removing the platoon requirement from IM’s
– France will not have a full second branch of mediums, there aren’t enough vehicles
– Havok will not influence gameplay, it’s just a visual thing
– new sounds will be implemented, as well as a new sound engine
– the option of giving artillery class more XP and credits (specifically, as much as the vehicle would get if it did damage based on its own scouting and not someone elses under all circumstances) will be discussed
– this year will bring new features and content
– some spotting system changes will come this year
– Storm states that credits/XP income stealth nerf conspiracy theories are incorrect – including various events, tanks are now making much more than they were 2-3 years ago
– some tier 10 high-pen guns will have their penetration nerfed, soon
– Maus has the biggest percentage of bounced shells on its tier amongst the heavies
– in the future, you will hear when your shell for example hits enemy gun for 0 damage, there will be special voiceover for such cases to make players understand better what’s going on
– Storm doesn’t play IM’s – “I’m too lazy to do that”
– WG is constantly working on optimization
– the punishment (fine) for damaging allies by your arty splash will not be removed, there would be trolls doing it intentionally
– developers will experiment with fog of war in randoms
– no tank was ever released into the game with the same parameters it had in first supertest round, not even once
– the reason to switch VK4502B for Mauschen is the fact that it was too unhistorical
– Storm agrees that one of the issues WG has is the fact that everything takes too long, but “this is not for public discussion”
– increasing the map size by 1,5 to 2 times would lead to “suffering of slow and armored vehicles”

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