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9.3: навстречу Шторму, против Ветра
Yesterday, September 24 2014 hosted a special broadcast dedicated to the release of an update WoT 0.9.3 . The main guest of the event was the leading game designer World of Tanks Michael (storm, kruta) Zywiec. Firsthand you heard some of the details of the new version of the game, as well as plans for development of CVG in the near future.

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Given MaiorBoltach
– Charge for tanking experience was canceled due to an error. Statistics on tanking in the Prince was going for a long time, but in the last iteration by analyzing data suchilsya failure (treated with the wrong data). Now the formula for finishing, the formula will flood the server, re-gather statistics and when the check that everything is fine, impose on the server.
– When dividing the transmission and engine tanks will be processed and share packages. The first package of Tacna was introduced in 9.3. Each patch will be processed such machines, and not all in a row, but first those transmission and engines which are far enough.
– The system to combat AFK, Leaver and because rustic was too large due to any number of factors. System on completion, working on the issues to the exclusion of data irregularities
– “We have no such thing as HD- and SD- customers. We have no idea how HD-model tanks “(with) Storm. WG allocated separately textures only tanks. Before this analysis was conducted, that the textures in the highest quality produced in excess capacity. Quality between SD and HD is only when approaching a stop to the tank when considering the small details. Especially for those who are very important to the quality, and is HD-package with even better textures, which can be downloaded from the site. In the future, if this package will be popular, it will be submitted to the launcher. Later this pacu join HD-texture maps.
– In this paper, the project “Integration Map”, which worked through all the new technologies, for example, render the terrain, improved rendering of water, completely redesigned render trees, altered lighting, new techniques of texturing new texture. Commissioning period – KTTS. Now this card is a card Monastery. Speaking of cards – those who are fond of minecraft free download a map Diversity , and not only its portal bendercraft.ru.
– The production process HD-models of tanks still not fully adjusted, so can be drawdown . For example, in 9.4, and maybe there will be no HD-tanks because of the complexities of working with podryatchikami.
– The effects will be further developed and finish, for example, the effects of hits in the ground, in the environment, and others. This work is aimed to ensure that they were interesting and productive. Now there may be trolling, it’s not like the developers.
– Make an indentation effect armor “too expensive” for modern computers. Together with the introduction of Havok will fall off of the tanks, the tanks will roll, drawers fall, and then disappear after a while, so as not to burden the users’ machines. It might be fine-tuned at the level of contact with the tanks.
– Night fighting is not because nothing can be seen, the gameplay turns nebodry and boring. Beautiful, but difficult to play. Maximum evening card will not change gameplay (review depending on time of day). Weather in the work, everything depends on the performance.
– By the sound goes a lot of work. Record the sounds of cars going style of the general test 9.1 (Hellcat, etc.). Fidbek was extremely positive, so the work is going in this direction. Sounds will be introduced one big package, so as not to deprive the ears of tankers in the style of “That one old tank, so the sound is old, and this brand new, there is already a good sound.” Comes as record shots of real tanks with all possible tools, hit the armor of them processed sound, tunes, selected echo, etc.
– Michael now runs the JS-8, is a question not very good, really wants to use 7. Plays a little, but tries to participate – a lot of work.
– Do not exaggerate job Havok’a tanks. He will be responsible only for the effects of destruction of objects. For example, the process of changing the state of the tank will be similar to the current (model whole model is changing dramatically destroyed), but the picture will change saturated with the dispersion of the tank correctly according to the laws of physics, ie more colorful and realistic. Ie Havoc – this is purely client physics, which does not affect the gameplay. The technology is already developed, now we are working on the content, setting up all sorts of small details, such as the radius of the dispersion, the rate of fall, and others. First card on which buduet tested Havok, to Stalingrad. Buildings and fences on it can be destroyed by this technology. Also going performance assessment, it is not like it, then enter the card will not. Havok will be shutdown. It will run in a separate thread, the owners of multi-core processors will be happy. The performance of it is not much affected.
– Experiments on the destruction of the houses on the bricks and wood into small chips were, but FPS very black.
– Some elements of the card (at home, large stones) will not be able to destroy the gameplay reasons, but the houses will probably break down the porch roof, balconies, etc.
– Havok does not concern the destruction of trees.
– Currently votdelnom nucleus considered loading of resources, but work on the separation of client and graphics streams actively conducted , spent a lot of resources. Multicore in any case appear. Performance will increase by 10/20/30%, but not 50-200%, as they say on various resources.
– Fitch style marks on the trunk in terms of no. Modifying the mark will not be, they are finished. In patch 9.3 Fixed a bug was marked – the value for the marks were too high
– is now engaged in processing perks crews, as well as the introduction of new. WG wants all the perks were the same, and at the same time, there was no “elfizmom.”
– light bulb with a probability of 99% will be transferred to the radio operator and will be available when pumping up to 100% of the principal spetsializtsii radio operator.
– will be introduced retraining specialization Crew (“all for all”). Functional in design. In one of the following patches will be introduced, no problems with it should bytne.
– In the 9.4 is not planned no great surprises, will be administered small features, polishing client bug fixes, preparation for volumetric 9.5.
– Michael most memorable 3 patch – the first after the release (fixed teleports), 8.0 (physics and graphics) and 9.0.
– Branch Shturmtigrov planned as a branch of PT assault, but later abandoned the idea because he did not see how it zabalansit in randomness, because that there is such a machine, as FV215b (183), which kills all living things. Incomprehensible gameplay conventional tanks, which will be just Shturmtigr vanshotit in any projection. But there is one input Shturmtigrov as a bot that will ride and shoot. Now do not see it in the randomness, but in the future everything can change.
– towered not implemented due to the fact that there are a limited number of them, and they are on the low / mid-Level, which takes place relatively quickly, and their guns do not effectively fight against sibling tanks. You can talk about multi-gun tanks on haylevelah, for example, the E-100 with two 88 mm cannon L71, or ST-II project with 2 guns D-25T. But do not, however, is not the highest priority – rather give preference regimes, etc. Previously did not want to do, and now the logic input is beginning to appear. The plans of the average KTTS.
– FV4202 really existed, but was overvalued – as measured in the museum it was found that the thickness of armor it is much smaller than in the game, a completely different gun, a very different instrument. Administered paper tanks in the game somehow perehotelos all, wanted to remove the paper projects, but in 4202 the actual performance characteristics suitable for 8 Reach level. Instead, it will be put Centurion Action X. IRL there is a tower that tank. 200mm vertical and 150mm on a strongly inclined surfaces of the tower, which will tank the tower, and will also be available UVN good at the same cannon as the current 4202. There are many options transport, but the final version is still not present, all will be known closer for the winter. Replacement will be made in the next patch.
– will also be replaced FV215b production KB behalf of Serbia, which was based on Konkverora fantasized that just pushed the tower, looking askance at 215b (183). Replaced will be one of the variants of the Chieftain tank Mk.2. Will be replaced in the same patch as 4202. Gameplay – Konkveror on steroids, with a gun is better than 215b. There is a small one that will remain as a promotional 215b.
– 2 French branch TT in further consideration of the books and other sources, it was found that a very large mix of paper, fantasy and real tanks. The same problem, and the second branch PT France – they present a hole 6-8 levels – levels 9 and 10 AMX-30 prototype and the AMX-30, respectively. 2-5 levels present real tanks, which is very much lacking in the branch, such as Soma.
– Most likely this year will be released branch mix PT-PT England up to level 9. From 4502 it was decided to withdraw because of the gun-vanshotilki. The branch will close at the current FV215b (183).
– Nearest premiumnyh machines – ST8 Germany Pantera2 with 88mm and tower Shmalshturm, PT7 USA Scorpio.
– The new physics will be in the next year.

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