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Hello everyone,

according to a post on German forums, 9.4.1 hotfix is coming “very soon” (possibly tomorrow) or the day after. If will bring the following changes:

– fixed the bug where you can see two Tiger I’s in the crew tank retraining menu
– fixed the bug where the minimap markers are locked (stuck) whenever the vehicle marked is further than 500 meters from you
– fixed the bug where some players got stuck in the Stronghold queue on the “rotating wheel”
– M53/M55 armor model fixed
– fixed some freezes, happening when the player accepts an invitation in a lobby too fast
– fixed the bug where you could activate small repair kit even though it was used already
– fixed the bug where the lines in the “free XP conversion” window shrunk upon mouseover
– fixed the flickering during the switch between arcade and sniper mode
– fixed the bug where enemy group can see your chat (and hear your voicechat) in the “special battles” window
– fixed the bug where deactivating the battle chat also deactivated the platoon chat
– fixed the Stalingrad minimap, showing incorrect data
– fixed the second German summer camouflage

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