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Hello everyone,

I downloaded the 9.4 test server today to test… well, nothing. There is not a single thing to test, because the patch is kinda full of fixes. There were some minor changes to maps and I just ran Arctic to see if I would spot them, but I didn’t, so I guess it’s the “we added a bush here” and “we moved this rock a bit to the left” level. If anyone has a list of map changes or something, I’d be grateful.

The patch comes with two things:

– first, the shadow render is supposed to be optimized and there are supposed to be more optimizations as well. Hm… I don’t know. I tested the patch on two computers actually (specifically because of the performance) – my old PC (with shadows disabled): no real FPS increase, but no noticeable drop. The new PC, that can run shadows – the shadows look the same (not sure what exactly got “optimized”) and there seems to be a tiny FPS increase, but it might be a placebo. On the other hand, other players report FPS increases, so there’s that at least, hopefully the patch helps you as well.

– second, MANY players report a nasty bug, where shells disappear or fly through tanks. Again, hard to say, I haven’t noticed it, but as I said, more players report it. Either way, it’s just the first iteration, I guess they’ll get any such nasty bugs fixed.

Oh yea and then thery’s the new gun sound. I made a video of the sounds – you be the judge, but personally, the high caliber “pop” is… not so cool. I don’t know how the hell they recorded it and where from, but there’s no way a high caliber cannon, capable of blasting buildings to bits, sounds like an airgun. See separate post for that.

Anyway… no HD models, no new tanks, no Stalingrad (what happened to it anyway, if you don’t want to release it, why put it in ASAP video?)… nothing to really write about. At least the FPS didn’t drop.

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