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in this post, you can find 9.4 model changes. Most are quite subtle. The patchnotes tell us that visuals of some models were fixed (you know, SU-100 and others). Well… not exactly. From what I could gather, what WG basically did is they fucked up the texture resolution in 9.3 and introduced some HD models with lowres textures. In 9.4, this is getting fixed.

You can see it really nice on the SU-100 example, watch the mudguards (rightclick-view image for higher pic resolution – the pictures are big, so be careful):

Jagdpanther gets a new track color and a brace for the gun:

KV-85 – top turret gets these purple… thingies, that detonate HE shells. Kinda important if you don’t want HE shells flying inside the space of your cupola, but nothing gamebreaking. Nevermind the missing mantlet, I removed it in the viewer when I was checking the space behind it for changes (gotta be thorough, you never know when WG fucks up)

M24 Chaffee – apart from slight recoloring of top turret, I haven’t found any changes in visual or collision model.

RU251 – it’s widely known that in 9.3, the collision model is wrong, the turret doesn’t correspond to the visual model. In 9.3 common test, there was a bug where they moved the turret too low (it “sank” into the hull). In 9.3 release, they corrected the visual model but not the collision model, which remained “sunk”, now they are correcting it again.

and finally, T-34 – the tracks got a bit thicker and the turret got the periscope on top removed (collision model did anyway).

Apart from these changes, there was a bug with the tracks of several vehicles (specifically Jagdpanther and Panther), where they acted weird, when it came to seeing them highlighted as silhouettes in WoT, I suspect this got fixed.

Oh and M41 Walker Bulldog got a depression buff actually – in 9.3, the vehicle has limited elevation (worse by 2 degrees) in the sectors between 70 and 169 degrees on each side (from the axis of the vehicle, facing front). This was corrected and now M41 has the same gun depression it has when facing the turret to the front all around. It’s not really a buff, it’s a bug fix – the worse depression was there before because the early model had some visual elements that caused clipping, which were removed when it came out.

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