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Hello everyone,

just a quick rundown of some of the things in test 2. The camouflage fixed – yea, I tried to look at it in Tank Viewer and nothing seemed wrong, so who knows. Personally, I think they fixed this:

This is from Test 9.3 actually and it’s a Maus, but you can see that the turret texture is stretched wrong, so maybe it was present on the Tiger II as well. Then the visual model changes – I had a look at both of the test 1 and test 2 versions and I have absolutely no idea what they changed visually on any of those listed models (Centurion 7/1, KV-85, M5 Stuart, M3 Lee) – both versions are identical. Whatever it was, it was probably on the “let’s shift this texture two pixels to the left” level.

Oddly enough they seemed to have optimized the premium hangar a bit by making some textures more visible. I didn’t bother with the new models yet, they are still in supertester mode and thus ridden with bugs, but that’s what the test is here for and you can’t drive them anyway. Seen some of those on the test though, looks like none of them are exactly OP, but the T-55A is pretty good. A bit sluggish, but good.

Anyway, back to further posts. To Stalingrad map I will return later. My first impression is that it’s basically Ensk – same style of gameplay (which is actually good). I like it (I’ll make a video, it’s better than to describe in text in this case).

This is how the “Escape” menu looks in 9.4 Test 2:


They also reworked the dynamic shadows and their display on tanks. Now they are very… sharp. I don’t know, to me it looks a bit odd.


And of course, then there’s the sounds. Allegedly, the developers reworked them based on Test 1 feedback. I don’t know – they sound pretty same to me. High calibers still sound like peashooters. They are in a separate post.

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