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Hello everyone,

test 2 of 9.4 has begun, with the following changes (compared to test 1):

– added new map Stalingrad
– reworked the gun sounds, based on test 1 feedback
– fixed the bug where the ricochet damage counted twice, fixing also the improper issuing of Dumitru, Orlik, Bombardier and Warrior medals
– fixed the bug with shells flying through tanks, that appeared in test 1
– reworked the design of game menu, that opens when pressing Escape

– fixed issues in visual models on following vehicles: Stug IV, M56, Object 260, Panzer II Ausf.D, Panther 88, Centurion 7/1, KV-85, M5 Stuart, M3 Lee
– fixed issues in collision models on following vehicles: T-55 NVA DDR, Object 260, T95E2, StuG IV, Panther mit 8,8 cm L/71
– fixed visual camouflage on models of T95E2, Tiger II, E 100
– fixed the loading capacity on StuG IV and Panzer II Ausf.D
– nerfed the reload time of T28 Concept

– added sound effects to the artillery support effect
– sounds of environmental objects exploding (barrels, cars) were made quieter
– fixed the background of some UI elements
– fixed some UI and game issues of Stronghold mode
– fixed some UI issues in team battle mode
– fixed some issues with replay playback
– fixed inconsistencies between visual and collision models of certain environmental objects
– fixed some visual issues of certain environmental objects
– fixed the bug where voicechat stopped working properly after the return to battle
– added some special effects, that didn’t make it to test 1
– reworked some shell surface impact effects for some surfaces
– added icons for new tanks, that appeared on test 1
– fixed synchronization bugs in the open window of battle statistics
– it is now allowed to add offline players to game formations (platoons, companies etc.)
– disabled the general chat in the Special Battles window
– fixed the sharp boundary of dynamic shadows on sloped surfaces
– fixed some small interface bugs

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