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Hello everyone,

from the official RU Youtube channel, the preview for 9.4, for now only in Russian.



– new team battles (changed the format (to 7/54 (5xT8 and 2xT7 or 6xT8 and 1xT6), the attack/defense mode, the defender has to protect two bases instead of one, capturing both bases does not sum up, both bases are capped separately, can be capped at the same time, it’s enough to cap one base)
– new Stronghold options (can be unlocked up to tier 5, there will be a special video about that)
– Stalingrad map (destroyed wartime city)
– buff of T-34-3 (14,4s to 13,4s reload, reduced (buffed) the accuracy loss when turning the turret by 25 percent) and AT-15A (hitpoints buff to 1050, reduced MM)

And that’s all.

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