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Hello everyone,

a preview with some pictures of the Christmas mode.



– the mode is called “New Year Mode” in Russian
– it’s similiar to the earlier “8-bit” mode with Karl
– there will be three tanks (one is “Mammoth” – boxy T110E5, second is “Raider” – in English it’s called “Arctic Fox” for some reason and it’s based on T-50-2, third is “Berserker” – in English “Polar Bear” and it’s based on Foch 155)
– the tanks are roughly similiar in sizes and guns, but the Mammoth has huge amount of hitpoints (5000)
– Arctic Fox (T-50-2) has few hitpoints, but 20 tons with 1200hp engine and 70 km/h maximum speed with 65 deg/s hull traverse
– platoons will be possible
– amount of players per team is not published yet
– you’ll get a medal for participating
– the gameplay will resemble the Karl mode, with one exception – healing shells: if you shoot your allies with them, you’ll heal their hitpoints

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