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Official WG English version will probably come soon, so here’s a quick rundown of things

– added the Firefly line (it’s incomplete in the patchnotes, some vehicles still missing from the supertest)
– added several vehicles for supertesters (AMX CdC, AMX-13/57, STA-2, ISU-130)
– fixed some visual issues with the models of Maus, Fury, Jagdpanther (fixed the gun sizes), KV-1S, Centurion Mk.7/1
– fixed the armor bugs in following models: SU-14 (note that earlier, there was Hetzer and WT PzIV here as well, that’s gone)

– added new maps: Winter Ruinberg, Mittengard (for lowtier battles), Ghost City (for team battles)
– removed Severogorsk and Ruinberg on Fire from the game
– fixed some landscape irregularities on the maps Moutain Pass, Fisherman Village and Windstorm
– fixed the entries to non-game areas on Windstorm and Stalingrad
– fixed some visual issues on Windstorm map
– fixed some game issues on the map Stalingrad
– fixed some visual model issues of certain environmental objects

– the client now requires less RAM
– fixed the sound loading system in order to reduce the number of freezes in battle
– removed the sound and music streaming from HDD when the sound volume is set to 0
– fixed the making of screenshots (printscreen, alt+printscreen) when the client is minimized
– fixed the bug where the client application worldoftanks.exe stayed in active processes even after quitting the game
– fixed the bug where some objects used high detail shadows on low shadow settings
– fixed the bug where your own shadow was missing from your tank in sniper mode

– a player will now recieve 10 percent extra XP for scouting damage for each level of difference between his tank and the target (but no more than 30 percent) (SS: as in, if a tier 8 LT lights up a tier 10 and recieves spotting damage, he’ll get 20 percent extra XP)
– added following functions to the minimap: viewrange vector, gun traverse sector (only for arty), tank names and displaying the last place where a tank was spotted
– changed the interface of repeatedly recieving a mastery badge
– added interface fixes in the “special battles” window
– fixed the visual camouflage in improved graphics (new render)
– fixed some UI and game issues in the Stronghold mode
– reworked the shell hitting a tank effects
– increased the volume of the gun finished loading sound
– the Racer 2014 medal was moved to the “special” category
– fixed the counter of the amount of hits in post-battle statistics (specifically, external module hits)
– the AFK punishment warning will now display only after 3 AFK battles in a row (instead of the current punishment), punishment will come roughly after 4th AFK battle
– fixed some freezes and crashes of the client
– changed the condition text description for several medals
– fixed the issue of not being able to get the “elite” status on some tanks regardless of the fact you unlocked all the modules
– fixed some camera issues and track display in the post-mortem mode, when watching an allied tank
– fixed the appearance of several circles on water surface when hitting the water under certain angle
– fixed the bug where if you threw out the crew from your tank while your barracks were full and then tried to return it back, it did not work
– added some battle loading screen tips
– fixed the “jumping” of tank icons on minimap
– fixed the lags caused by display of some special effects
– fixed the “flickering” of leaves and bushes in sniper mode
– fixed the bug where the tank “sinks” into the floor of the hangar
– fixed some small UI bugs and texts

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