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Hello everyone,

just a warning to you. If you want to try out the new British vehicles in 9.5 test, be aware that the final experience might be very different from what you see in the test, because some tanks are loaded with placeholders. Let me explain how it works: before a vehicle is put even on supertest (a term for internal WG testing, pre-CT stage), developers balance the statistics based on the historical values the vehicle had.

But BEFORE they even do that, during the stage the model is ready to be balanced for initial testing (pre-supertest), the modules have placeholder values. Basically it’s just a bunch of random numbers. And yes, it’s this pre-testing stage that the devs threw on the common test. So we get stuff like this:


Two guns, same values and BOTH are placeholders. What I noticed so far (but I had just a quick look):

– Charioteer L7 stats are a placeholder
– some 17pdrs are placeholders (you can tell by the 0,4 accuracy value and the ROF), including the Firefly guns
– some 6pdrs are placeholders as you can see

Can’t tell for the rest, but I literally just quickly ran through it. So, again, keep your anger (or hope) leashed until at least second CT iteration and wait for real (at least initial testing) values.

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