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Hello everyone,

second round of common test is on. Patchnotes:

Many gameplay and interface issues in personal missions fixed.
Conditions of most of the personal missions adjusted.


Parameters adjusted for the following new version 9.5 vehicles: M2, Stuart I, Grant I, Sherman III, Archer, Sherman Firefly, Achilles IIC, Challenger/Avenger, Charioteer, FV4004 Conway, FV4005 Stage 2.
Some parameters of the T-55 NVA DDR tank adjusted.
Some issues with visual models fixed for the following vehicles: IS-7, M2, Achilles IIC, Sherman III, Challenger/Avenger, Panther mit 8,8 cm L/71, Т-55 NVA DDR, Т95E2, Stuart I.
Some issues with damage models fixed for the following vehicles: Maus, T28 concept, SU-14, FV4005 Stage 2, Challenger/Avenger, Т95E2.
Issues with Camouflage fixed for the following vehicles: Churchill I, Panther mit 8,8 cm L/71, Sherman Firefly.
Color of the Achilles IIC tank destroyer icon fixed.
Damage of the Chinese 122 mm Sha-bao-471 HE shell increased from 465 to 530.


Issues with the new maps Mittengard, Ghost Town, and Winterberg fixed.
Some gameplay and visual issues on the Stalingrad map fixed.
Performance on the maps Ghost Town and Mittengard improved.
Consumption of memory on the Windstorm map reduced.
Issues with the visual and damage models of some enviromental objects fixed.

Interface and Other

Issue with the message that the player has no personal missions started appearing upon pressing TAB in battle fixed.
Issues with autosearch in the Team Battle mode fixed.
Some interface issues in the Stronghold mode fixed.
Display of expanded minimap features when using the “Upon pressing Alt” option fixed.
Issue with the SPG sector of fire displayed on the minimap even when that option is disabled fixed.
Issue with the constantly appearing settings for the SPG sector of fire and camera direction beam on the minimap fixed.
Sharpness of the captions on the minimap increased.
Display of messages in the battle chat after rejoining the battle fixed.
Some hang-ups and crashes of the game client fixed.
Some effects of shells hitting the vehicle reworked.
Issues with vehicle freezes at the end of the battle fixed.
Display of the battle interface in the Garage fixed.
Issues with performance decrease when scrolling the list of missions on the personal missions screen fixed.
Performance on some PC configurations increased.
Issue with the inability to destroy objects with APCR and HEAT shells fixed.

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