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Hello everyone,

so, I had a quick look at the new maps in training room. Now, before we start – I am not a tactics expert, so I won’t tell you where to go or strategems or anything. Just some random thoughts about the maps – specifically about the Ghost Town and Mittengard. The Winterberg is just that – winter Ruinberg, not much else to see there.

Anyway, Mittengard. Mittengard is a lowtier map and it has two modes available, regular and encounter. Haven’t found an exact number for which tiers the map will be active, but it’s clear that on high tiers, it would be unplayable, as both teams start relatively close to one another.


So, I took my HIV Stuart for a spin with some Russian guy. There’s not much to it really. A town in the center and two teams fighting each other over it. I am not quite sure how this map will work in random – nobody plays lowtier battles on test server and really the only thing I can imagine going on is both teams just running into each other in melee. It’s not really possible to stay on the slopes, there’s no cover or anything (lesson learned from Province). So it’s just one giant clusterfuck in the middle. There are two more ares – NE and SE corner of the map, here I am looking into the NE one.


These seem to be death traps. There is little cover apart from like two buildings and there’s no way out of there other than the way you came in. Not quite sure why WG decided not to connect them in the east – or perhaps I missed a route? Anyway, I would suggest not to go there. Overall the map looks odd and I strongly suspect that any battle on it will be over very soon, as tanks will simply rush towards each other.

Now, for the Ghost Town. Here, I am really not qualified to talk about tactics for team battles – and yes, this is a TB-only map. But what I CAN say is that visually, it’s easily the best map ever made by WG. It’s stunning. It has this feeling of desolation in it, the decrepit buildings, abandoned houses, everything. It’s really great looking.


It’s pointless to really explain or show screenies and videos, go and see it. That being said, there are some small issues, like some evironmental objects actually not having a collision model:


But those are small things. No, really, go see the map. I am almost sorry it won’t appear in random battles, but at least I guess we’ll see it in tournament broadcasts and such, unless you are actually a TB player. Hmm, in fact – any TB player impressions about this map? Feel free to write in comments :)

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