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Bad news, everyone!

About that 9.5 vehicle post….

Yup, you guessed it, pretty much everything in there is a placeholder, not just some models, especially the guns are not balanced yet. The only vehicles that are not placeholders are the Grant, the FV4005 and the Conway – and the Conway is outdated (developers decided to remove the 105mm L7 altogether, so now it has just one turret and one gun).

Basically, what happened was that Gamemodels3D site managed to get their hands on the early 9.5 ST version and used it to extract the characteristics, while for some reason, Wargaming used outdated models/characteristics in the early 9.5 ST iteration. It’s just one giant clusterfuck, so for proper values we have to wait for a later iteration.

The premiums are on the other hand already balanced.

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