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Hello everyone,

a 9.5 review video by Wargaming appeared on their Youtube channel. Unfortunately, without subtitles:



– Firefly and TD branch (review – a few words about each vehicle, like Archer going backwards faster than forwards and 17pdr guns, that have low alpha, but good accuracy and rate of fire)
– Panther 88 (goes to the premium shop in 9.5)
– two new map – one for team battles and one for low tiers
– Severogorsk and Ruinberg on Fire removed, Winterberg added instead
– Personal missions (former Individual missions) with girl crewmembers as rewards. Here’s an example how you can select the nation, class and vehicle of one such crewmember (yes, the picture belongs to Ola). Notice the T-35 in the choices:


Unfortunately this picture does not mean T-35 will be introduced anytime soon, it’s just WG teasing with old junk again (T-35 model was made like two years ago).

– reworked shell hit effects (you can see that at cca 3:32)
– bonus XP for scout tanks for spotting damage (10 percent for each tier the vehicle you spotted is above you, 30 percent max)
– added minimap functions

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