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Hello everyone,

the following changes are being tested on 9.5 supertest. Please note that this is NOT a full log most likely, that will come later:

– StuG III Ausf.G got a buff of hull traverse (37 to 39 stock, 44 to 47 elite), but at the expense of gun traverse, which was nerfed for 75mm L/43 and L/48 from -15/+15 to -10/+10
– T37 Light Tank got a small depression nerf – 75mm M6 from -9 to -8,7 and 76mm T94 from -9 to -8

And of course, Object 907 got its buff:

– penetration of credit shell buffed from 219 to 264
– reload time buffed from 7,1s to 6,5s
– dispersion on the move buffed from 0,12 to 0,1
– aimtime buffed from 2,3s to 2s

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