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Hello everyone,

let’s look at the vehicle changes in 9.5.

The biggest change was probably the FV215b (183) rebalance. The armor change is described here (basically, front of the turret got buffed from 152mm (above gun), 127mm and 101mm (sides) to 170mm (above gun), 200 and 210mm (sides).

To compensate for the changes, following mobility nerf took place:

– terrain resistance nerfed from 1,2/1,4/2,4 to 1,8/2/3
– hull traverse nerfed from 32 to 24

Basically, the vehicle in the game is now a very, very slow but well-armored juggernaut (in contrast to the FV4005).

StuG III Ausf.G got rebalanced:

– stock track traverse buffed from 37 to 39
– elite track traverse buffed from 44 to 47
– 75mm gun (L/43 and L/48) traverse nerfed from -15/+15 to -10/+10

T37 Light Tank 75mm M6 and 76mm T94 depression got nerfed:

– 75mm M6 from -9/+20 to -8,7/+20
– 76MM T94 from -9/+20 to -8/+20

Object 260 got new HE shells with the same properties as the old ones, but it’s possible the old HE alpha will be nerfed again
Object 907 got buffed (see details here)

Several tanks got their tracks model changed (Tiger, KV-1S and others). It’s not visible in the viewer, but in the game, it’s not really so bright. Plus, the Sherman hull recieved a slight retexture, just some small shadows added.

Model changes:

Hetzer had this little hole in the mantlet under the gun. It was fixed.


Maus model was somewhat resized – armor remains the same, it’s just… different. The one with turret a bit to the front is new. Rightclick and “view image” for large size.

Jagdpanther recieved some Viagra. The longer one is new.

Additionally, T55A and Hitler Panther models were fixed (T55A was made lower and Hitler Panther turret was kinda moved), but it’s sort of irrelevant since the vehicles are not even in the game yet. What IS relevant however that they actually broke one of the models, the T-34-85M. They moved the turret to the right, but left the mantlet where it was, so now it’s clipping into the hull (needless to say, the visual mantlet was moved so, the visual and collision mantlet models do not correspond).

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