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9 Things You May Not Know About the Type 59
2015-12-17 19:00:00 / Premium Shop

Even if you’re a World of Tanks newcomer, you’ve probably heard a reference or two to the Type 59. This coveted tank is being sold for the first time in Blitz, but what makes it so special, and why do your fellow tankers want it in their Garages? Here’s some quick facts to add some insight on this popular metal monster!

9 Things You Might Not Know About the Type 59 The Type 59 is based on the Soviet T-54A and served as China’s main battle tank for nearly three decades. It underwent numerous upgrades before production stopped in 1980. Nearly 10,000 were built in the real world, but in World of Tanks on PC they’re rare and typically available only as coveted competition prizes. This is the first time that the Type 59 is being offered in Blitz, so when you drive one into battle, you’ll likely be the only player in a Type 59. It’s hard to say when the Type 59 will make further appearances in Blitz, but your Community Manager—Alo8ight—recommends that you “Get it while it’s hot!” If you can’t bear the thought of light tanks running circle around you, the Type 59 has the speed and mobility to chase after them. With a top speed of 56km/h—that’s roughly the speed of a sprinting grizzly bear—you’ll have plenty of agility to keep you moving on the battlefield. On the other hand, if you’re worried about pollution, beware: it’s said that the Type 59 earns you so many Credits, they practically pour out of the tank’s exhaust! It also takes a licking and keeps ticking thanks to its thick frontal and turret armor. That extra protection means the Type 59 is capable of going up against other tier VIII medium tanks, one-on-one, and coming out on top! The 100mm gun pairs perfectly with the Type 59’s mobility for flanking heavy tanks and tank destroyers. Hit ’em on their weaksides and that deadly combo may just have you calling it the “Type Fifty-Niiiiiiiice.” To say that this tank was anticipated would be an understatement. Our Hype 59 contest to win one became our most successful contest ever! Finally, something you probably DO know by now: If you missed your chance to win one, we’re now offering the Type 59 for sale in the Premium Shop. Available Friday, December 18, 02:00 PT / 05:00 ET
Ends Monday, January 4, 01:00 PT / 04:00 ET

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