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Hello Warriors,

wanted to post this video yesterday but there was a lot of other things going on the blog, check out this very interesting video about the Czechoslovakian Medium Tanks Branch:

Really like the way this lad explains it all but there is a couple errors (he did a good research but some things have been updated since then).

These are comments made by SilentStalker who is the father of the Czech tree and has been paying a lot of attention to the subject, he said to the author of the video:

– top gun on tier 3 will be an autoloader
– tier 4 will not have such thin armor (there was a heavier armored model)
– tier 5 will not have an autoloader to my knowledge (it was never even considered)

The T-34/100 description is wrong. The history used is the Soviet one (which was built). The Czech T-34/100 project was never built and was developed independently on the Soviets. The photographs (with the LB-1 gun) also belong to the Soviet one.

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