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The book is dedicated to the beginning of the glorious path of the T-34 – from taking on Red Army to military trials of the first prototypes. On the basis of archival documents reflect the history of the design and manufacture of two prototypes of the T-34 (A-34), describes their design as well as the main fighting properties and performance. In addition, details on the conducted in the early 1940s, military trials of T-34, to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the new combat vehicle. The final chapter of the story of the fate of the two tanks after completion of military trials.
The authors of the book – the staff museum and memorial complex “The History of the T-34” – Deputy Director for Science IG yellow and Research Officer A. Yu Makarov.


Igor yellow, Alexey Makarov

“A-34. Birth “tridtsatchetvёrki ” series ” Design and Production “

2014, 272 pp., Hardcover, the book used colored” outset “, diagrams and illustrations, coated paper

Circulation 5000 copies.

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The book is perfect for those who like to read slowly and meticulously collect responses bit by bit. The first chapters are devoted to the history of the A-34 – prototypes of the T-34, which was designed as a result of work on the further development of the BT tanks in respect of increasing the thickness of the armor and power weapons. All design searches and solutions are illustrated drawings, diagrams and data tables, but for this exquisitely supplies the result is worth the work of the eight groups of designers KB-520, which in no time made recalculation of the whole structure “base” of the tank A-32 and documentation developed for the manufacture of parts, components, assemblies and systems for the new tank.

The book details the nuances of the device disclosed Test pattern: the overall layout, building, tower, weapons, power plant, transmission, chassis, electrical, communications, and also carried spare parts, tools and accessories. Design work began in September 1939, and is already February 10, 1940 to military trials was ready first prototype tank A-34, and after 2 days – and his twin brother. The main purpose of the tests was to determine the suitability of the samples for adopting the Red Army.

Progress in military trials is described in detail in the third chapter. Positive results of run Kharkov – Moscow and testing of tanks on the range allowed boost preparation for serial production of the T-34. Early in the morning of March 30, 1940, having driven 11 kilometers through the streets of Moscow, the tanks are located for the show in the Kremlin. According to historical records, Stalin commented demonstration like this: “It will be a” sign “of our armored forces. Convey our congratulations to all the staff of the plant. It will be necessary to take into account comments on the test results, refine the design, and without delay, run the tank into production. “

Despite some flaws remaining in the design of the tank, “tridtsatchetvёrka”, according to Marshal Konev, “went through the war, from beginning to end, and it was not the best fighting machine in any army. Neither the tank could not go with it in comparison – neither American nor English nor German … “. Tanks T-34 and T-34-85 throughout the Great Patriotic War were the basis of the tank park of the Red Army. No operation was carried out without the participation of “tridtsatchetvёrok” ticket “in life” who were given two prototypes of the A-34.

Sami samples with the completion of military trials were not “sent into retirement “and widely used in the Experimental section when developing a number of the development work at the plant № 183. Their fate is presented in the final chapter of” The tests are finished – “life” continues. “

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