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A Guide to Blitz Basics
2016-09-29 17:00:00 / Guides

It’s not hard to start battling in Blitz, but often there’s little things that happen during battle that can be difficult to understand for newcomers or veteran players. We’ve prepared a series of guides to shed some light on the stuff going on “under the hood” in Blitz, starting with the basics.

Understanding Armor Thickness

Armor is that hard stuff that keeps shots from damaging your vehicle. Thickness ratings measure armor when fired at head-on, but by angling armor, the distance to penetrate increases, effectively giving your armor a “boost.”


Armor Angling in Action

Because armor is most effective at an angle, you’ll typically want to avoid facing foes head-on whenever you can. There’s a few exceptions to this rule — like tank destroyers with lots of frontal armor — but it’s a good idea to keep it in mind. “Armor angling” your vehicle will maximize your armor’s protection and keep you in the fight.


Keep Yourself Covered

Use objects on the battlefield for cover. “Hard” objects like buildings or rocks will reduce your visibility and protect you from shots. “Soft” objects like bushes or fences won’t protect you from being shot, but they’ll help you stay hidden — ensure you’re behind the bush and not poking out; otherwise, you’ll be easy to spot!


Angling and Cover are Super Effective

Use armor angling and cover together for the best results. Hide behind cover while reloading, but keep your tank angled when you “peek out” to shoot. Players call this “side scraping.”


The Mystery of Disappearing Tanks

Objects and camo can reduce a vehicle’s visibility such that it might “disappear” in your view. The tank isn’t actually gone; it’s just no longer visible to you. Technically, you can still hit a tank if you know where it is (even if you can’t see it), but unless you destroy the tank, you won’t receive confirmation if a shot lands. Landing shots on hidden slower vehicles can work, but don’t attempt to hit a fast-moving light or medium tank unless you have eyes on them!

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