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Regular readers will have seen a bunch of new French vehicles and modules being announced by WG recently. Is there more to come? Most likely, so maybe a quick gallery of some of the less well-known future French content to consider not that some, all or any of these may be on the horizon, just an indication of quite how much there is still out there to be found. France has a very long history of armoured vehicles, so this is in no way attempts to be a list, just some titbits. It also gives me a chance to clear out my stuff a little in preparation for some more patent silliness for France for FTR later.

Renault M.1923

4 crew, 75mm gun in the hull, 25mm armour, 6 cylinder Renault 180hp engine, 6.04m long, 2.57m wide, 2.03m high, Delaunay Belleville suspension

AMX-13 Tank Destroyer Prototype

3 crew, 75mm gun, 8 cylinder 220 hp petrol engine

Rimailho Gun Carriage

Wheel-cum-track system carriage for 75mm Schneider gun

ETAT design – no official name but it’s very similar to the ELC so ‘ELC ETAT’ sounds good

1955, fast, light, small, 90mm high power gun with a crew of 2. Driver in turret, so limited traverse. Good depression by virtue of the turret roof raising during gun depression.

DePoix Heavy Tank

1915, approximately 6.8m long, 2,75m wide and 2.6m high with a 1.5m wide turret

Renault Heavy Assault Tank 1939

Okay, so I wrote about this already here, but I really adore this little monster so excuse me mentioning it again.

VBCP 39 Tank Destroyer

Restany Tank

1950, well armoured tank hull depicted using a most unusual high speed flywheel design to store energy which means a very fast turret rotation speed.

Renault B2 45t

This is based on German intelligence circa 1939/1940 and you can see a 75mm central turret, side mounted 37 mm guns and two 47mm gun turrets. Yes it is wrong, hilariously wrong in fact. Don’t expect this in game anytime, for ‘amusement value only’

Char BB (FCM)

8 crew, 60mm armour, 600 hp engine, twin 75mm guns (570m/s), 50 ton

STCC Heavy Tank

1929-1930, 75mm gun, over 7.36m long, 40mm armour, 70 tonnes

Renault DAC 1 1940 (aka Billancourt Somua)

3 man (was to be produced in the USA as a two man vehicle) fast tank, 16 tonnes

Renault TY Tank Destroyer

1930, 20mm armour, 12 tonnes, 25hp engine (not a typo), 5 crew, 82mm high power gun, suspension from the D1 tank

Renault FT Tank Destroyer

1918 plan to be fitted with 47mm M.1885 gun (450m/s) and in 1919 a planned HV 47mm gun (800 m/s)

FCM B1 Prototype 101 to 103

Basically a B1 heavy tank with just a machine gun turret using its hull mounted 75mm howitzer instead

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